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Majestic – Delivering Printing Excellence Since 1959

For over 59 years Majestic has been exhibiting excellence in printing, binding, and packaging.
Our untiring work has made us the most sought-after printing company in India.


Proving our excellence in custom book printing, we have made huge strides in printing to go beyond the expectation of our customers. We are with you all the way from the time you place orders to delivering your custom notebooks.diary manufacturers in Sivakasi You will have an experience you never had with any other printer. You will see how smooth and hassle-free it is to work with us.

We use the latest technology for printing and coating on paper and paperboards using our latest Mitsubishi and Miller machines which allow us to print 5 colors.diary manufacturers in Sivakasi We offer attractive value additions like UV printing which keeps our customers satisfied. This is why we are called the best custom notebook manufacturers.

The 2 two-color polygraph perfectors help boost our capacity for printing publication books.

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This has helped us to become a reputed diary manufacturer in the region. There are also two cutting machines helping to speed up production.

Our emphasis on stringent quality control and a quick finishing of products with the help of skilled laborers has helped in offering our customers affordable printing solutions. This also has ensured prompt delivery of goods to our customers making us one of the top diary manufacturers in Sivakasi.

Our quality, price and prompt delivery have made us one of the best diary manufacturer in India. We also print custom notebooks as per your requirements.diary manufacturers in Sivakasi Our specialty in printing has given us the ability to make our mark as a calendar manufacturer.

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We are able to provide a variety of coatings with our latest automated binding machine. As the best notebook printers in Sivakasi, we have equipped ourselves with the latest machinery for folding, binding, case making, perfect binding etc.

Our exceptionally large capacity in notebook printing services is aided by a full set of ruling and section folding machines which are backed up by a Flowline machine. A Line-o-Matic pinning machine having a capacity of up to 100,000 softcovernotebooks per day helps us to get the distinction of being one of the largest notebook manufacturers in Sivakasi in India.

We are able to offer a huge quantity of hard cover notebooks due to the availability of our full-fledged case-making diary manufacturers in Sivakasi and case-inning machines which have a capacity of 20,000 pieces per day. This machine also supports our commercial diary production.

Our binding capacity also helps us do spiral bound notebook printing on a large scale. We are the top spiral notebook printers in South India.


We have been able to attract a lot of FMCG customers with our capacity in manufacturing and converting of carton boxes, making a diary manufacturers in Sivakasi big name for us as packaging box manufacturers in Sivakasi. We are successful in keeping our customers happy with our die-cutting and folder-gluer machines.

We are able to enhance the appeal of mono-cartons using our foil stamper and embossing machines.

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