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We will introduce ourselves as the number one notebook and diary manufacturers in India. As we step into the 60 th year of operation, we can only thank our customers for the excellent support they have given us.diary manufacturers in sivakasi Whenever we needed the motivation to carry on we always looked at our customers who gave us the necessary energy with their encouragement. This encouragement is what has made us excel as custom notebook printers.

Starting 59 years ago at Sivakasi, our company Majestic Printers has always been creative and experimental in our approach to the job. diary manufacturers in sivakasi This has helped us to excel in manufacturing custom printed spiral notebooks and keep our customers surprised and happy. As we have always kept customers as our focus, we have strived to go one step ahead of their requirements.

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This has helped us to earn the love and loyalty of a lot of influential customers. It is the publicity by word of mouth done by these customers that have helped in our growth and become one of the top diary manufacturers.

Majestic Printers has a team of dedicated production controllers, marketing professionals and quality inspectors who have helped us to grow in size year after year.diary manufacturers in sivakasi Our production team is always updating themselves with the latest international trends. They continue to use the latest technology to integrate pre-press and press. This has helped us to go beyond the expectations of our customers.diary manufacturers in sivakasi Our Diary and Notebook division has helped to get a number of loyal corporate customers.

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Our Vision

Majestic Printers is not just a team or an institution, we have become a phenomenon in the printing industry.diary manufacturers in sivakasi We will strive with all our strengths to do the best in every project that we undertake. We aim to use our inherent abilities to become the best corporate diary manufacturer in India.


Innovation has been the mantra of our success. We have never shied away from trying something new to make our products exciting for our customers.diary manufacturers in sivakasi All through these years, we have steadfastly held on to our core values of honesty, integrity,and dedication. This helped us improve the spiral bound book printing.


Anticipating the needs of our customers we have ensured to diversify into new products and methods of printing.diary manufacturers in sivakasi The entry into the packaging segment was part of this diversification. We have used the digital revolution to diversify our products earning praise from our customers.

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